How to clean my AC unit

How to clean my AC unit

Cleaning your air conditioning unit can be quite daunting, especially if you haven’t done it before. As much as it is an intimidating task, it’s also very essential as your air conditioning unit plays a big part in making your home of office as comfortable as it can be. Making sure that your air conditioning unit gets a thorough clean on a regular basis ensures that it is performing to the best of its capacity.

It is always best to understand how the air conditioning unit works to make the cleaning easier. Each component (indoor and outdoor) has a different type of coil that need to be cleaned. If you are unfamiliar with the components, it’s probably best to seek help from an expert air conditioning cleaner to eliminate the risk of damaging the unit. 

For a basic clean inside the air conditioning unit, here are a few steps to follow:

  • Turn off the power on your air conditioner
  • Open up the air conditioning unit
  • Clean the air conditioner evaporator coils with a soft brush to remove dust that has been accumulated in there. If you’re prone to dust allergies, you would need to wear a mask while doing this. You may also get a no-rinse coil cleaner for this.
  • Drain the AC drain pan with soap and hot water. This prevents algae from growing inside your unit.
  • Clear the AC drain if it’s clogged. This ensures that your air conditioning unit does not drain on one of your walls or somewhere else unwanted.
  • Close the air conditioning unit

Cleaning your unit from the inside is just the first step. You would also need to clean the exterior of the unit as well as the filters with a vacuum and some water. IF you’re not confident you’ve thoroughly cleaned the unit by yourself, feel free to give KSN Air Conditioning a call. The deep cleaning service that we offer is a full strip and deep clean of everything on the unit.

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