Air conditioning vents installed in the roof of a sunroom

What We Do

KSN Air Conditioning, specialises in all forms of air conditioning from the initial design through to the installation and its maintenance.

We service both residential air conditioning and commercial air conditioning installations, including service & maintenance. Our ducted systems can provide air conditioned comfort to new and existing homes.

The indoor unit (fan coil) is usually installed in the ceiling or under the floor with flexible ductwork distributing the conditioned air through the vents or outlets throughout the home.

The compressor (outdoor unit) is normally installed at the rear or side of the house.

KSN Air Conditioning provides working solutions to optimise efficiency in your home or commercial workplace.

What Services We Offer

KSN Air Conditioning have solutions for all Residential and Commercial air conditioning applications.

Once we have taken into consideration your budget & wants, we make a suggestion as to what will suit you best. We will then put together a system that will work best for you together with our technician and the customer. 

KSN Air Conditioning can provide up-to-date servicing specific site tailored programmed maintenance and breakdown repairs for all types and brands of domestic and commercial air conditioning systems.

If you happen to find yourself in need of assistance or urgent need of repairs for your Air Conditioning system, we can help with our prompt and professional services.

Outdoor Actron air conditioning unit installed on a stand at the side of house
Daikin split system installation on wall inside residential Sydney home
Air Conditioning Installation Sydney

Cheap split system and ducted air conditioning Sydney.

Highly qualified KSN air conditioning technician welding for a new customer installation
Air Conditioning Repair Sydney

We fix air conditioning in Sydney for affordable prices.

KSN Air performing maintenance on a commercial air conditioning unit for local Sydney restaurant
Air Conditioning Maintenance Sydney

Cheap air conditioning servicing across Sydney to keep everyone happy.

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