How Much Is Ducted Air Conditioning?

How Much Is Ducted Air Conditioning?

In Australia, summer days can last for hours at a temperature around 35°C. The best method of cooling and heating a home is through ducted air conditioning. Unfortunately, good air conditioning comes at a high cost. So what should you expect to pay for ducted air con?


The cost of a ducted air con depends on a wide range of factors. The size of the cooling area, the type of system needed, the installation company you pick, and whether or not you require any additional features will all have an impact on the final cost.


The Price Of A Ducted Air Con

The cost of ducted air conditioning increases with the number of zones in your home. Ducted aircon costs only $5,000 to $8,000 for a small house or apartment with one or two zones.


The cost of a ducted air conditioning system for a typical four-bedroom, single-story home is from $8,000 to $10,000. However, large, multi-story homes can expect to pay much more, somewhere around $10,000 to $25,000.


Although summer is the busiest season of the year, the cost to buy an air conditioner doesn’t change throughout the year. This implies that there might be a market shortage of air conditioners. Before the temperature gets too hot, it is advised that you buy a new air con in the spring.


The reason is that there won’t be as much of a rush and much less demand for aircon, which will allow licensed professionals to make an estimate more quickly and have the installation completed sooner.


Get A Quoted Price

You may obtain an idea of current market prices and the best-ducted air con price with nearly the same capacity by getting several estimates for ducted air conditioning. You’ll likely observe that systems with the same capacities will have different pricing. 


Examine each quote carefully and inquire as to why one package is more expensive or less expensive than the others before choosing the ducted aircon pricing that is the lowest. Additionally, you should inquire about the warranty on any unit you are thinking about buying.


How Much Does It Cost To Run Ducted Air Conditioning?

The average family will spend around $250 to $500 a year on power when using ducted air conditioning. The exact cost will vary depending on the tariff structure and electricity provider you use.


There are many ways to lower the cost of using ducted aircon, including installing insulation, lowering the temperature, purchasing an energy-efficient system, and changing other factors. As an alternative, ensure that you are receiving the best electricity rate.


Ducted air conditioning system installation can typically be done in a single day, but if the aircon unit is being placed in the roof space or your system is more complicated, additional preparation may be required.


What Makes Ducted Air Conditioning A Good Choice?

For cooling and heating homes, a ducted aircon is a common option. The system uses ducts that are placed in a home’s walls and ceiling to circulate heated or cooled air. The air is then released by vents in the walls, floors, or ceiling. Because it is effective and helps reduce their energy costs, ducted air conditioning is a popular choice. 


There are ways to lower the cost of installing ducted aircon in your home, but it can be expensive. You can save a lot of money by installing a ducted aircon system and by selecting an energy-efficient unit.


It will also be less expensive if you shop around and get several quotes on ducted air conditioning. The final step is to make sure your home is properly insulated, which will assist prevent hot or cold air from escaping via the ducts.

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